Trip, Fall, (Get on one Knee), Stand Up:


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This Blog is less of an opinion and certainly not educational.  So much has happened in 2018 that even my close friends don’t know exactly my professional roles and how they came to be.  My hope for this Blog is to fill in any gaps in my life (for those that care to know), communicate that sometimes failure breeds success but, most importantly to serve my own therapeutic purposes; I would like to take a step back and look at this year to appreciate where I am and how I got here.

Over my lifetime, I have been extremely fortunate for cards to fall into place, to meet specific people at specific times in their own lives that I get to learn from and/or work with.  Through the ups and downs, many of you reading this blog have made an impact on my life that got me where I am now, and for that, I am grateful.

That said, 2018 started with some of the lowest points of my life, followed shortly by some of the highest.  If you know me personally, I try to stay pretty even-keeled as I operate at my best when emotions and life is consistent.  Let’s break 2018 down month-by-month.

January 2018 I closed my CrossFit gym in Lumberton, NJ and although it was the right decision financially and for the growth of my Chiropractic office in Cinnaminson, the choice lingers as a painful experience to this day.  It was the first business that was “all mine” and moving on was extremely difficult:  I ultimately lost money, confidence and, most importantly, I lost friends.  February, I had an opportunity to re-establish the CrossFit community that I lost, at the same time help a local business get back on track and continue to grow ProActive.  The decision, while ultimately the right call, was hasty and came at a price: the loss of more friends and, with that, a sense of guilt for how the decision materialized.  On a lighter note, I have to mention that The Philadelphia Eagles won Super Bowl LII on February 4, 2018, which made arguably the most stressful month of my life much more tolerable.

March, April, May 2018 we continued plugging away at Pivotal Training in Southampton, the community grew as did my confidence in developing a program and hiring coaches that share my philosophy.

June 2, 2018, one of the best days of my life:  I put together and ran a pretty successful ‘Functional Fitness’ competition at Pivotal, proposed to the woman of my dreams and she said ‘Yes’!  I’ve never been so nervous and excited; the whole day was a bit of a blur, shout-out to everyone who came by and recorded, giving us those memories for life, I love you all!  July, August, September, continued growth at Pivotal and, with that, I partnered with the fantastic ownership group and together we own and operate an extremely successful Comprehensive Health, Wellness and Fitness Facility offering a ton of different specialty services.

October 2018 I feel like I’m finally where I wanted to be two years before when I started the CrossFit gym:  Chiropractor first, Coach second, a fantastic team working together to build a Community of likeminded athletes.  Just as things start to get settled, my best fur buddy of 11+ years became sick and suddenly passed.  I’ve dealt with loss several times in my life and I would be lying if I said Apollo’s death didn’t hurt as much as a close friend or family member.  The old saying “Time heals all wounds…” does hold true but there will always be a special place in my heart for Apollo Creed.

What I have come to realize over this past year is that there are always new opportunities that present themselves if you are willing to look.  Those opportunities can become successful if you are willing to work hard at them.  And even if you have failed before, it does not mean that you give up.  If you are passionate about something, keep at it.  If you trip and fall, get up.  Learn from your mistakes and correct it on the next go-around.  In December 2018, I look at this holiday season with Thanks for the friends and family in my life and Hope for continued prosperity in 2019.  I wish you the same as you read this Blog!